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Wooden Side Gates

Lovingly hand-crafted with the highest quality timber from Finland, our beautiful pressure-treated, timber side gates will make a stunning addition to any house. Each wooden side gate is planned with care and attention, resulting in a smooth finish every time. All materials used are of the highest standard, ensuring an extensive and sturdy life. As a result of this, our gorgeous side gates require minimal maintenance and upkeep.

Our wooden side gates come with two secure closing options; a key lock which can be opened from both sides, or a cross bolt lock which can only be opened from the back. We also offer both left and right-hand hanging options on our timber side gates and pillars on either side for guaranteed durability. The height of our solid timber side gates is 1.8m and the width is 1m.

Our timber gates are highly versatile and can be used in several areas around your property, from side entrances to gardens, our side gates can provide easy and stylish access to wherever you need to go. Grogan Timber side gates will suit any type of house, regardless of age or style.

Contact us today to discuss our high-quality, handcrafted wooden side gates.


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