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Grogan Timber Product Entrance Gates

Entrance Gates

A big part of the aesthetic of your house comes from its gate. Therefore, it is important to have a driveway which signals things that fit into the message you want to send out. 

X Entrance Gates

Wooden Gate

Description of Gate

• Our beautiful pressure-treated, timber gates will make a stunning addition to any house.

• We use Scandinavian, Kiln dried, high-density, Deal Timber in all of our wooden gates.

• Each wooden side gate is planned with care and attention, resulting in a smooth finish every time.

• All materials used are of the highest standard, ensuring an extensive and sturdy life.

• Minimal maintenance and upkeep.

• Two secure closing options; a key lock or cross bolt.

• Left and right-handed hanging options on gates and pillars for durability.

• The height of our solid timber side gates is 1.8m and the width is 1m

• Contact us today to learn more about our custom-made wooden gates.

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