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Classic Wooden Farm Gates

If you have a farm out in the open country or simply want to give your home that iconic feel that rustic wood gates can offer, then you need not look further than Grogan's wooden country farm gates. This type of gate is very popular and versatile, and the gates which fall into this category are much more uniform in style than other categories of gates.

For example, although other types of gates might come in more vibrant colours such as green or even red, most wooden country farm gates come in plain wood brown. This is so as to fit in nicely with the more rustic setting for which they are designed. This also means that they draw little attention to themselves, so this sort of gate might be good for people who are not looking to be too flashy.

However, one can make the case that, actually, these sorts of gates do attract quite a bit of attention, but that attention is of a different kind. It is the more sophisticated, refined sort of attention an admirer of rustic antiques might sport. Keep in mind, however, that this really only applies to quality gates of this kind, built of durable and aesthetically pleasing timber. If you hit on these two aspects correctly then you will enjoy having a quality entrance to your farmstead. These gates can also function as field gates.

The main things to remember about wooden country farm gates are subtlety and form. When it comes to subtlety, we have already mentioned how there are fewer colours (if any) to choose from when picking out which gate you want to buy. That said, this is where form comes in and you get to explore the myriad of different designs in which these gates are made.

You will no doubt have a lot of fun perusing all the different geometric shapes created by the overlapping of the wooden boards. Of course, build quality and aesthetics are not things to be observed separately. In fact, the best gates will have a balanced combination of these, and that may or may not represent what you are looking for. Perhaps you are not too concerned with security measures or longevity but instead prefer a gate that is all looks, or vice versa.

Whatever the case may be, the important thing is to figure out what is important and choose one of these gates according to that as then it is unlikely that you will make a mistake (at least not a big one).

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