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We used Grogan Timber products to supply and fit all of the gates (a dozen or so) on our farm in Meath. We found them very competitively priced but with a service and product that would be difficult to match. All of our visitors and neighbours comment on their appeal.

Katie, Meath

I was recommended Martin and his team by a friend and I can definitely say that I will, and do, pass on the recommendation. I wanted to upgrade my garage door and side entrance with something unique, Irish, and with a product I would be proud of. I found Grogan Timber Products very creative, easy to deal with and with workmanship which can only be gained through experience and expert handiwork.

Eoghan, Dublin

I wanted to replace my garden shed and got in touch with Grogan Timber Products a few years ago. They delivered and assembled a very fine shed which has (as expected) stood the test of time and is both practical and sturdy. I would definitely recommend Martin and his company to anyone looking for something similar.

Cathal, Cavan

Wooden Garage & Stable Doors

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At Grogan Timber Products we use Scandinavian, Kiln dried, high-density, Deal Timber in all of our wooden gates, doors, benches and kennels.

Courtyard Gate With Door Mayo Timber Gates Limerick Timber Side Gate Mayo Timber Side Gate Classic Stable Door

Wooden Garage and Stable Doors

If you own a plot of land where you have a house, especially in the open country, then it is likely that you will also have a garage and/or a stable. In this case, it is important that they be equipped with the proper doors which will provide both the ideal security but also look fairly presentable and enhance the overall appearance of your loft.

Wooden garage and stable doors come in a variety of options, shapes, and sizes. They are quite varied when it comes to color, in particular, as you can get into some pretty flashy reds if you so desire. If your garages are full of expensive cars and if you want to have adequate protection for your horses then there really is no alternative to buying a good, sturdy wooden garage or stable door that is made of quality timber which not only feels good but also looks dynamite.

If you are someone who fears their domestic or home garage broken into, then it is really a no-brainer that quality construction outweighs good looks, despite the fact that the best doors in this category like ours excel in both of these areas. These doors are also more than suitable for protecting your home storage.

The good thing with these doors is that they also come in a variety of sizes. Although the bigger ones can be quite expensive and take up an obscene amount of space, if you are only looking to fill in a smaller area then there are plenty of opportunities for that as well. This is in contrast to a lot of the other categories of gates and doors where one kind of size really predominates all of your choices.

This is great as, apart from giving you a wider range of products to choose from, inspire you to peruse many different types of wooden garage and stable doors in order to find that one, perfect kind that appeals to you. This is important as needs vary from person to person and from house to house and one man's trash is another man's treasure.

Thus, just like with buying anything, the key factor is to be clear on what you want out of this door. Once you have that sorted out, it should be relatively easy to find the biggest door, or the most secure, or the most beautiful. It is important that this choice be made responsibly for the safety of your garage and stable.