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Client Testimonials

We used Grogan Timber products to supply and fit all of the gates (a dozen or so) on our farm in Meath. We found them very competitively priced but with a service and product that would be difficult to match. All of our visitors and neighbours comment on their appeal.

Katie, Meath

I was recommended Martin and his team by a friend and I can definitely say that I will, and do, pass on the recommendation. I wanted to upgrade my garage door and side entrance with something unique, Irish, and with a product I would be proud of. I found Grogan Timber Products very creative, easy to deal with and with workmanship which can only be gained through experience and expert handiwork.

Eoghan, Dublin

I wanted to replace my garden shed and got in touch with Grogan Timber Products a few years ago. They delivered and assembled a very fine shed which has (as expected) stood the test of time and is both practical and sturdy. I would definitely recommend Martin and his company to anyone looking for something similar.

Cathal, Cavan

Monday, 22 October 2018

Why We Use Environmentally-Friendly Timber

Environmental experts are worried about a lot of things, but one of their biggest worries is climate change. People all over the world are aware of the dangers of climate change, and many have taken steps to do their part, some by switching out their traditional cars for ones that run on renewable energy, and some by reducing the use of plastic bags. To slow climate change, it’s important for us to lessen, or better yet, eliminate the use of fossil fuels, decrease the amount of energy we use, and opt for renewable alternatives.

Finland is one of the countries leading the charge against climate change. The nation as a whole has implemented the Paris Climate Agreement that was approved during the United Nations climate change discussions that took place in November 2016. Finland aims to be completely carbon neutral by the year 2045 and be the leading circular economy company twenty years before that.

Environments that are built and constructed take up quite a lot of energy - up to 40% of primary energy. They also consume up to 50% of raw materials. Carbon emissions are high - up to 30%. With construction being one of the least environmentally-friendly things out there, it’s no wonder why experts in the industry are doing their best to find ways to reduce the impact on the environment.

The majority of timber products are used in construction. This is because timber is a fantastic material to use for many structures. It’s crucial for the construction industry to take measures and work towards better building regulations so that more earth-friendly materials can be used in construction.

Timber is slowly growing in popularity due to its relatively light carbon footprint. The industry is always working on innovating and furthering the uses of timber, making it an increasingly good material to use for a great variety of purposes. The goal is to make timber an earth-friendly material to use at every step of its lifecycle, from growing forests to producing bioenergy.

There are already quite a number of uses for timber. Besides the obvious, like building material for furniture, timber can also be used in bridges, playgrounds, and even LNG tankers! It’s a fantastic choice that is advanced, safe, and great for the environment.

The use of modern timber products can help us take steps towards our shared goal of a sustainable economy and environment. This puts quite a lot of pressure on the industry, but they have dealt with it well by offering sustainable, effective products that are for DIY, private and commercial use alike.

It isn’t just Finland that should be taking steps to use modern timber products. When the Nordic companies work together, there is so much more potential for market growth. Europe and China, for instance, are taking steps to replace some of their other products with timber alternatives.

Non-renewable products are certainly still used, and they probably will continue to be used for quite some time. However, timber products have one major upside - they’re so much better for the environment! That's why at Grogan Timber Products, we use Finnish timber.