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Client Testimonials

We used Grogan Timber products to supply and fit all of the gates (a dozen or so) on our farm in Meath. We found them very competitively priced but with a service and product that would be difficult to match. All of our visitors and neighbours comment on their appeal.

Katie, Meath

I was recommended Martin and his team by a friend and I can definitely say that I will, and do, pass on the recommendation. I wanted to upgrade my garage door and side entrance with something unique, Irish, and with a product I would be proud of. I found Grogan Timber Products very creative, easy to deal with and with workmanship which can only be gained through experience and expert handiwork.

Eoghan, Dublin

I wanted to replace my garden shed and got in touch with Grogan Timber Products a few years ago. They delivered and assembled a very fine shed which has (as expected) stood the test of time and is both practical and sturdy. I would definitely recommend Martin and his company to anyone looking for something similar.

Cathal, Cavan

Sunday, 28 October 2018

Timber Gate Wood Types

timber wood log
Timber wood types are not all the same. There are quite a few different types of wood that are used to build timber gates, and each has different characteristics and uses. If you’re buying a wooden gate, here are some of the choices you may be able to choose from:

When building a timber gate, you have several options when it comes to wood. Redwood is probably the most popular choice due to its good balance between affordability and effectiveness. Different types of softwood are priced at different price points, meaning that you’ll likely be able to find something within your budget. We recommend going for a Siberian Larch or Western Red Cedar if you can afford it because there is a very noticeable difference in durability that is well worth the added price. These two types of wood are several times more durable than your average redwood is. Of course, painting or staining your gate will make a difference in your choice of timber so be sure to take this into consideration.

Redwood – Redwood is considered to be reasonably hard and is a popular choice for outdoor use. It can be stained easily and will look great, but you will have to do quite a bit of maintenance if you wish to get a long use out of it. 510 kg per m3 (approximate)

Siberian Larch – Siberian Larch is incredibly hard and is known to be one of the most enduring softwoods you can find. If you are building a gate in a place where it is susceptible to knocks and scrapes, this type of wood is a good bet. It’s important to note that Siberian Larch doesn’t hold paint very well, so you may be better off with a different type of wood if you want a painted gate. 650 kg per kg (approximate)

Western Red Cedar –  This wood is a very lightweight timber that boasts a number of unique properties. Your gate won’t be as likely to suffer a pest or fungal attack. It also isn’t as prone to decay, meaning it isn’t as likely to get bent out of shape The timber is so durable that it can be left unfinished, though it will probably become discoloured over time. 370kg per m3 (approximate)

Hardwood is an excellent choice for a timber gate. This type of wood is known as “hardwood” because the wood grain is a lot tighter and finer. Moisture won’t seep into the wood easily, and the sun won’t wear it out as quickly as well. Again, painting and oiling will have different effects on different types of wood, so be sure to take this into consideration.

Iroko - This is a strong, very durable type of hardwood. It is naturally beautiful and isn’t prone to warping. It can also be laminated to extend its lifespan. 660 kg per m3 (approximate)

European Oak –  European oak has an elegance in the grain that is unmatched in other types of wood. It is extremely strong and durable. Insects and fungi are not attracted to this wood because it contains higher levels of tannin. Whether in traditional structures or modern designs, European oak is a great choice. 750kg per m3 (approximate)

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