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Client Testimonials

We used Grogan Timber products to supply and fit all of the gates (a dozen or so) on our farm in Meath. We found them very competitively priced but with a service and product that would be difficult to match. All of our visitors and neighbours comment on their appeal.

Katie, Meath

I was recommended Martin and his team by a friend and I can definitely say that I will, and do, pass on the recommendation. I wanted to upgrade my garage door and side entrance with something unique, Irish, and with a product I would be proud of. I found Grogan Timber Products very creative, easy to deal with and with workmanship which can only be gained through experience and expert handiwork.

Eoghan, Dublin

I wanted to replace my garden shed and got in touch with Grogan Timber Products a few years ago. They delivered and assembled a very fine shed which has (as expected) stood the test of time and is both practical and sturdy. I would definitely recommend Martin and his company to anyone looking for something similar.

Cathal, Cavan

Monday, 22 October 2018

Farm Gates Can Be Great Investments For Properties Of Any Size

wooden farm gates
Not only do they add a layer of protection to your property, but our wooden farm gates can benefit your family, your animals, and even your business!

Wondering what a good farm gate can do for you? Keep reading to find out.

It’s great for your family
Regardless of whether you have acres of farmland or a small suburban property, a farm gate can help you to protect your household, without harming the environment.

There are two main ways that it does this: privacy and protection.

When you have a farm gate at the front of your property, you can keep your estate a little more private. This is particularly true if you’ve got a long driveway. Without a farm gate, people passing by may accidentally turn into your property. A farm gate will indicate that the property is private so they will keep going on their way.

A farm gate also plays a part in protecting your property. Your home, your barns, and your equipment will be safer when fewer people are coming and going. The gate will deter potential criminals from trespassing and you will enjoy the extra protection it brings.

It’s great for your animals
Most farms have at least a few animals. Whether you have just a couple chickens or make your living with hundreds of cows, a farm gate can help to keep your animals safe.

Protect against predators: If you’ve got bears, wolves, dogs, or any other type of predator roaming around your area, you’ll definitely benefit from a farm gate. Even though it won’t guarantee that no predators will get in, it will greatly reduce the chance and help you spot weaknesses which you can later reinforce.

Keep livestock in: Besides keeping the predators out, farm gates keep your animals in. This allows them to roam freely around your property without you having to fear them getting lost, stolen, or injured. This is a way to protect your investment.

It’s great for your business
Just about every farm is some sort of business. You may sell milk, eggs, or even hayrides. Whatever it is, your business can benefit from a farm gate.

Curb appeal: A farm gate can add to the aesthetic appeal of your property. It’s usually the first look people get when entering your estate, so why not make a good first impression?

Promotion: You can easily advertise your business on your farm gate. Not only will this generate interest and recognition, but it will make your business look a lot more professional.

The specific farm gate that you choose will depend on what you need it for. It’s important that you clearly define your needs so that you can enjoy the gate that will bring you the most value. Consider consulting a professional to guide you in the selection process and install your gate and fencing in a secure manner. If you need help with anything farm gate related, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us today!